Brendon Todd: Round Two Flash Interview

Friday, June 13, 2014

Q. Sum up your day for us, just how well things went for you and your position.
BRENDON TODD: Yeah, it was obviously a really solid day. From start to finish, I really felt pretty comfortable out there. I hit it really solid on the first 10 or 12 holes. Hit a couple pulls coming in, which has been a little bit of my miss this week. Then holed a couple nice birdies and some nice par saves to keep it under par.

Q. What have you been able to do these two days that you feel best about in your game?
BRENDON TODD: Driving, the driving it in the fairway. I probably only missed four fairways. And scrambling, that's what I do best. When I play well, I drive it straight, I scramble well and I had some really nice up-and-downs from the bunkers there in the last six or seven holes.

Q. Yesterday you said you didn't see yourself on the leaderboard, obviously you probably did today, what's it feel like?
BRENDON TODD: Yeah, I did. Pretty early today I guess when I got that first birdie there on 3, the name went up there. It's cool. Not something that is like a super shock for me. I've been a pro for seven years, I've been on some leaderboards now for awhile, so I don't put much stock in it and I don't look at it a whole lot.

Q. You're at Pinehurst, you're 4-under after two days, it seems like everything is kind of going really well, except for that guy who's out there at 10-under?
BRENDON TODD: Right. Obviously, if you asked any player at the beginning of the week if you were 4-under through two days would you take it or would you be in the lead and everybody would say yes. Martin's played exceptionally well. I even watched a little bit of coverage this morning. He hit a shot on 17, par-3, and it landed 10 feet left of the hole and he was like, shocked. He was like mad. I mean, those were my good shots this week, so he was obviously playing a really good level of golf.

Q. Given that, how do you look at the task of trying to cut in that lead? Try and stay within the lead?
BRENDON TODD: Stick to your game and just keep playing a good U.S. Open golf. If you can play each nine 1-under par, you're probably doing really, really good. And if he comes back to us great, if he shoots 10-under again in the next two days, then he's superhuman, so we'll just have to try and wear him down.

Q. Will you change your game plan at all seeing him at 10?
BRENDON TODD: No, because with the conditions the last two days, my game plan has been, if you have a short club, you should be able it try to make birdie. So I'll continue to try and make birdies and get under par. I'm not going to fire at flags with 5 and 6-irons. So if I can hole a long putt, great. Avoiding the bogeys I think is number one. And then if you can make birdies with the short clubs, that's number two. And that's what's going to catch him.

Q. (No Microphone.)
BRENDON TODD: You probably don't. But you just try your best to stay calm and hit every shot as well as you can.

Q. How much did it help from a comfort level to play with Chris the first two days?
BRENDON TODD: It was great. I like him and Russell a lot. We have a lot in common, obviously, with the Georgia connection. But Chris and I are really good friends and we really I think our games feed well off each other. We're both working with the same teacher, we're hitting the ball straight, chipping and putting well. So I think it was good to see that constant reenforcement from each other.

Q. You see players go through a hangover after their first win, certainly hasn't been the case for you. What's the best part of your game been since then?
BRENDON TODD: I think I learned a lot with that win that when I play well, I can contend out here and the things that got me playing well to win, I've been able to keep doing, which is chip the ball a little bit better, avoid the bad shot that causes the double bogey. If I can continue to do those things, that's going to help me shoot lower scores.

Q. How big a deal was it for you to come to Pinehurst and play golf at Pinehurst?
BRENDON TODD: It was a lot of fun. I remember having a lot of good times down here. I played some really fun Junior Golf tournaments down here. Coming down with Webb to CCNC was always a blast. Pinehurst is a special place, it's sort of a golf haven.

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