Sergio Garcia: Round One Flash Interview

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Q. Can you talk about the round and how your knee held up today?
SERGIO GARCIA: Well, probably was the most positive thing of the round. My knee felt pretty good. That was nice to see. No pinch on the knee or anything. A couple of times I felt it a little bit, but it wasn't bad at all. But the game, unfortunately, wasn't as good as it needs to be on this kind of golf course, to be able to shoot even par or a couple under par. So I guess today was as good as we're going to get it pretty much, if it doesn't rain, because early in the morning it was overcast, and it wasn't too warm. The moisture on the greens kind of held up nicely for most of the round until probably the last three or four holes. And I guess that's why you're able to see a couple under par scores. But if it doesn't rain, as the week goes on, and even as today goes on if the sun comes out a little bit the course is going to firm up very, very quickly.

Q. The time off to recover, do you feel like maybe there's a bit of rust in the game?
SERGIO GARCIA: I wouldn't say that. I've had plenty of times where I had three weeks off and then come back and played nicely. No, I just didn't feel quite that comfortable with some of the shots early on. Then I managed to hit some better shots coming in. Just a little bit disappointed with that par on 18. I felt I hit a great putt, unfortunately it didn't break. Without playing really too well, I felt like I held on quite nicely. I made some nice par putts to kind of not get too far away or too far behind. And hopefully I'll be able to play a little better tomorrow.

Q. What was the hardest part about it, the turtle back greens?
SERGIO GARCIA: Yeah, for sure. The thing, it just -- obviously if you hit a good shot, you know, you're going to put it more or less within birdie range. But with such small targets -- I mean such little bits that you can't really miss that much. You can hit a shot that is five feet away from the hole and it just catches the slope and it goes, and then you have a really, really tough up and down. It's difficult to -- unless you feel really, really comfortable on the shot, it's difficult to be able to hit it -- to have birdie chances. Like I've hit greens today, but really had two birdie chances all day. So it's -- you look at it that way, I guess it wasn't too bad of a round.

Q. Were you surprised how soft it was this morning or was it a standard Thursday?
SERGIO GARCIA: No, no, I think if it would not have been overcast, definitely you would have seen how the greens -- probably by the 6th or 7th hole, they would have been fairly firm. But I guess we got quite lucky with that, the temperatures didn't get too high this morning, it was kind of overcast, and the moisture stayed on the greens for a bit long. If it stays up like this it's going to firm up very, very quickly. We'll see what happens.

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T4DAY, Jason+1F-2
T4KOEPKA, Brooks+1F+1
T4JOHNSON, Dustin+1F+3
T4STENSON, Henrik+1F+3
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