Jimmy Walker: Round One Flash Interview

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Q. First off, tell me about your round.
JIMMY WALKER: I felt like I was driving it okay, and then I good shots out in the fairways and just couldn't, I just felt like I had no control over the ball and hit some pretty poor shots. I hit some decent wedges and just kind of scrambling a little bit. Had a couple of birdie early. Then through the middle of the round, had one bad swing into a bunker and it was really, really buried and ended up making down. Just never felt like I had control of the golf ball from the fairway. Off the tee it wasn't too bad, but just from the fairway, it was just, it just felt like I struggled. Finally managed to put three really good passes in a row on the last three holes, so that was nice.

Q. How did the course play this afternoon? We heard lot this morning that it was a lot softer than the practice round than they played, how did it play this afternoon?
JIMMY WALKER: I still think it played fairly soft in the afternoon. The greens didn't get too firm. The greens were still holding. If you had any kind of a shot from the fairway, I think you felt like you had a really good chance to stop it. So even the fairways, some of the fairways were pretty soft. It's funny, if you hit it right down the middle, it doesn't roll very far at all. If it's just off the fairways, just off where it starts to brown out is where it starts to roll.

Q. Four even par rounds, obviously, that goes without saying here at the U.S. Open, but moving forward, what's the plan the next couple days?
JIMMY WALKER: Pars are good. You try not to give anything away and gave two -- I managed to shoot even with two doubles today, so that was pretty good. I still had some birdies, I putted good, I need to keep chipping and putting good and hit some better, have a little more control into the greens.
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T4DAY, Jason+1F-2
T4KOEPKA, Brooks+1F+1
T4JOHNSON, Dustin+1F+3
T4STENSON, Henrik+1F+3
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