Brendon De Jonge: Round One Flash Interview

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Q. Great round of golf.
BRENDON DE JONGE: Thank you, appreciate it.

Q. Feel good about it?
BRENDON DE JONGE: Yeah, felt good today.

Q. Talk about it?
BRENDON DE JONGE: I drove the ball nice. I hit it in a lot of fairways, which was obviously key trying to control it coming into these greens. It sort of set up the golf course for me today. I got off to a bit of a shaky start, and then made a couple of birdies before the turn, which was great.

Q. You're in great position right now.
BRENDON DE JONGE: Yeah, very much so. I think anything under par, anybody is going to be very, very happy around here. As I said, it was nice to get it back after that start.

Q. How did you manage to turn it around?
BRENDON DE JONGE: I three-putted 10 and 11, and then I hit a couple of shots close after that and made a couple of easier birdies.

Q. Were you surprised at the condition?
BRENDON DE JONGE: Yeah, it was noticeably softer out there today. The last couple of practice rounds it was getting fiery out there. It was noticeably softer our first couple of holes and you could be more aggressive.

Q. How difficult is it going to be on Sunday?
BRENDON DE JONGE: I think it's going to be as difficult as they want it to be. Obviously we didn't get any rain today again. It's going to be as hard as they ant to make it.

Q. How much history do you have on this golf course?
BRENDON DE JONGE: Not a lot. I played in a couple of North/South Ams, but obviously that was before the redo. And I hadn't been back down until Monday.

Q. How much does this golf course fit your eye?
BRENDON DE JONGE: It does. I feel like it fits my eye a lot off the tee. I feel like a lot of the holes shape how I like to see the ball going a little bit left-to-right. I felt comfortable when I stepped foot on Monday.

Q. A lot of times you're thinking, okay, I've got 16 more holes, but 16 more holes at Pinehurst No. 2, so --
BRENDON DE JONGE: Yeah, it's definitely a different thought process than you've got 16 more holes to get it back. You've got 16 more holes to hang on. As I said, I was able to make a few before the turn, which was nice.

Q. (Inaudible.)
BRENDON DE JONGE: You know, I just told myself, everyone is going to make bogeys out here, be it the beginning of the round, middle of the round or end of the round. I was able to stay patient.

Q. (Inaudible.)
BRENDON DE JONGE: Yeah, a couple.

Q. (Inaudible).
BRENDON DE JONGE: Absolute coincidence.

Q. How about those birdie putts on 10 and 11?
BRENDON DE JONGE: I three-putted 10 from probably 20 feet. And 11 was a little more difficult putt, up and over, maybe 35 feet.

Q. Was there a feeling today that this is the day to maybe go out and try to get a low score?
BRENDON DE JONGE: Yeah, I think so. As I say, I'm a little bit surprised to see how soft it was after the practice rounds. I definitely felt like if you're going to get it, today is the day.

Q. Mission accomplished?
BRENDON DE JONGE: Very much so. Anything under par is obviously very, very pleasing out here.

Q. Do you want rain tonight or would you rather just get the morning tee time and then let them have to deal with the afternoon?
BRENDON DE JONGE: Yeah, you know, I think that's probably how we want it. It's still going to be fairly soft in the morning. I think it will probably benefit us a little more, than guys playing late.

Q. Did you realize from the practice green that it was soft?
BRENDON DE JONGE: I watched a little bit of the coverage this morning on TV, and it was easy to see that the ball wasn't going how it was, it had been in the practice rounds.
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