Matt Kuchar: Round Two Flash Interview

Friday, June 13, 2014

Q. What happened on 6?
MATT KUCHAR: Ball moved. It was a matter of determining whether or not I addressed it. I was confident I had not addressed it. Lee Westwood was standing right there, waiting on a 5-foot putt, confident the same way. Just had to go through the procedure and it's just -- it's not a fun thing. When the ball moves, you kind of know that if you have addressed it, you have to replace it with a penalty. If you haven't addressed it, you leave it. And so we called in a walking rules official and he says, not really sure, and we come to the decision that I said let's play two balls and we can discuss it afterwards. And in the discussion afterwards, we came to the same conclusion that I had not addressed it and not caused it to move either.

Q. So Lee was on your side on that?
MATT KUCHAR: Oh, yeah. A hundred percent.

Q. How do you like where you're at?
MATT KUCHAR: I'm a long way back at 1-under par, nine shots off the lead, but with a good weekend, there's no telling. I mean, if Martin goes out and plays steady golf, I think we all tip our hat and say that's awesome playing. He shoots another couple 65s and could win this thing by 20, that would be awfully impressive. But you can only control what you do and I'm excited about the way I'm playing. I'm playing some really steady, good golf. Finding myself in not much trouble out here. I'm finding myself having a lot of opportunities, not having to scramble a whole lot and I expected coming if into this week there would be a whole lot of scrambling, regardless of how well you were hitting it. It's nice that the course is playing in a way that good shots are rewarded and are playable. I think the course is in fantastic condition, I think it's playing just the way that I think the players would like it to play. I love it and I'm excited for the weekend.

Q. The U.S. Open, you always hear about people trying to play against the golf course. At what point do you have to change your target to the guy who's seven shots ahead?
MATT KUCHAR: I don't think that it's ever a smart thing to do. I think you continue to play against the golf course and do the best you can. I think it's never helpful, unless you're within 69th, 71st hole of the tournament then maybe.

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