Jimmy Walker: Round Three Flash Interview

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Q. Talk about your round today overall.
JIMMY WALKER: I felt like I played good. The golf course had some really tough pins. I missed a couple of putts I should have made early in the round, but it played tough, I thought. There was a little bit of wind kicking, not much, but it just kind of swirled. The pins were in really tough spots. All sitting on humps and bumps and hard to get to. Victor played pretty solid and so did I, so I thought a low one was really tough to get out there today.

Q. If you had to assign a par number to the course today, other than something else, what might you do?
JIMMY WALKER: It was easily a par 72 today, I think. Especially because some of those par-4s were par-5s. But it's almost you don't really even look at par, you just shoot your score and it is what it is. But it definitely weighs on you when you don't make a par on one of those really long par-5s. I had a really good look at a birdie putt on 4 and felt like an eagle putt. So.

Q. Your thoughts going into tomorrow.
JIMMY WALKER: Just depends on course setup on how aggressive you can be. You couldn't be too aggressive today, because disaster was waiting on basically every pin you went at. So it was fun, because they set the golf course up just a little different. We had a couple different looks at some holes and stuff. So it was fun, but I would love to go out and shoot a bogey-free something or another tomorrow. That would be fun.
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PosPlayerTo ParThruToday
1KAYMER, Martin-9F-1
T2COMPTON, Erik-1F+2
T2FOWLER, Rickie-1F+2
T4BRADLEY, Keegan+1F-3
T4DAY, Jason+1F-2
T4KOEPKA, Brooks+1F+1
T4JOHNSON, Dustin+1F+3
T4STENSON, Henrik+1F+3
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