Brendon Todd: Round Three Flash Interview

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Q. What was the experience like, score aside, out there?
BRENDON TODD: That's impossible to separate from the experience, for sure, because we play golf tournaments to win. And the scores weren't really happening for me today, so it was difficult. But I still -- it's cool to have fans out there. It's cool to be in the final group at the U.S. Open. All in all, I'll take a lot from it.

Q. It seemed like 2, 3, 4, the putts weren't falling for you. It was a steam roll from there?
BRENDON TODD: Yeah, the pins were very aggressively set, especially early on, on the back corners. Made bogey on 2. And then, yeah, I misread the putts on 3 and 4 from a fairly short range and just rolled over the high side and just never could get myself back rolling after that. Even the birdie on the next hole, it was a tough two-putt for me. Just able to slide the birdie in there. Really never had the momentum with the irons or the putter today.

Q. Do you feel like the momentum can build on itself during the course of a round, where a couple of bad holes make it much harder to get it together?
BRENDON TODD: In a U.S. Open, for sure, because there's no chance to hit the ball close when the pins are tucked like that. You never get that birdie to get your momentum going back the other way. Even Martin had trouble getting the momentum back. He only made two birdies today and he probably made 11 over the last two days. It was difficult.

Q. How much hotter was it today than yesterday? Only six guys that are under par right now?
BRENDON TODD: Yeah, the scores showed it, for sure. And I think the end of the wave struggled even more. The greens were chewed up. For only 65 guys playing, we teed off late. The greens were kind of chewed up. I saw a lot of putts that looked like pretty good putts that weren't going in late in the day.

Q. Was there any part of you that being so far down to start? Like were you thinking, gosh, I really need to birdie the first hole and get a birdie quick? Does that creep into the mind at all?
BRENDON TODD: No, I wasn't -- you know, I wasn't trying to shoot 65, I was going out there to try and shoot a solid round and see what happens. I was really still playing for pars. And they were just that difficult for me to get.

Q. (Inaudible.)
BRENDON TODD: A little bit, yeah. Different than the last two days. But it wasn't the most nervous I've ever been. I didn't have that much pressure on myself. It's not like I was holding the lead. I was just going out there trying to hit good shots and make good putts. I hit good shots early. I felt like I hit it really good through six holes, and the putts didn't go in. Because of that then I feel like that sort of weighed down on my ball-striking a little bit, and it made it difficult to get back going the right way.

Q. Any of the pins surprise you about where they were placed?
BRENDON TODD: Yeah, most of them. Yeah, I mean, I thought they were all -- I thought there were a number of them that were cut a couple of feet closer to the slope. It was a little bit of revenge day, I think.

Q. If playing in the final pairing at the U.S. Open wasn't the most nervous as you've ever been, what was?
BRENDON TODD: Some other event that I was leading late in the tournament where I had the lead. I mean, Dallas, for sure. 17, 18 there was pretty nerve-wracking. Even the first tee shot on the Saturday in Dallas I remember being nervous. I kind of got that out of my system and felt pretty good today.

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