Martin Kaymer: Round Three Flash Interview

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Q. Not quite as clean as the first few days, but you still have a five-shot lead, how does it feel?
MARTIN KAYMER: Well, it's still a good round. 2-over par is not as bad as it looks on the scorecard, I think. A little bit of an up and down start. A couple of early bogeys and then the eagle that brought me back to level par and then putted off the green. So a lot of things were happening today. But I think I kept it very well together, even though I didn't hit as many great shots as yesterday and Thursday. But overall it's a decent round.

Q. How big IS having a five-stroke lead versus a four-stroke lead going into tomorrow?
MARTIN KAYMER: One shot. If you have four shots, five shots, six shots, at the end of the day, if you play a golf course like this, it can be gone very quickly. You could see it today. I made three bogeys the first six holes. I didn't hit many fairways today. So the challenge will be tomorrow, to keep going and not try to defend anything. Because if you try to defend then you're not free enough. You don't swing as free. And that will be the challenge. So we'll see how it will react tomorrow, how the body feels, and how I handle the situation.

Q. What were you considering there as you were looking over all that mess there?
MARTIN KAYMER: Well, to be honest, the main problem was I didn't really understand the English that the referees were talking. I told my caddie, you have to take over here, because I don't know those words that he was saying. So it was a wash, waste, I don't know, dirt area, something like that. But bottom line was I didn't get a drop, but I didn't have a shot. I needed to take a drop there. It was a very big putt to make that bogey, because if you make double it's a tough one. But to lose only one on a hole like this, where it's almost a par-5 today, it's okay.

Q. How much of I psychological turnaround is it to make birdie on 18?
MARTIN KAYMER: You know, I knew that you will make a few more bogeys in the first today, and I made only one. And the golf course became very, very tough today. I think 18 was the easiest pin today. And all the other times, if you hit it to 25, 30 feet, it was a decent golf shot. So I didn't see many birdies out there. But finally on 18, I hit a good yardage and it was an easy pin. If you missed to the left or to the right, it was okay. I could be very aggressive and make my first birdie today.

Q. Which shot was the most important - the eagle or the birdie at the end?
MARTIN KAYMER: I would say the eagle that I made, it was more lucky, that second shot. It was an okay shot, but it was not that great. It just got lucky because the front of the slope killed the flight a little bit and it released to the hole. So there was more luck. I think on 18 there was skill. So I was quite happy the way I played 18.

Q. Carrying that momentum into tomorrow from the birdie on 18, how important is that?
MARTIN KAYMER: It will take another 15 hours before I can tee it up, so I don't know if there's much momentum.

Q. Excited for tomorrow?

Q. Are you excited for tomorrow?
MARTIN KAYMER: Yeah, I'm looking forward to see how I feel, how I react to certain situations. Anything can happen. I can lead by seven or eight shots after nine holes. I can be down to all square. So it will be an exciting round. For me, personally, it will be interesting how I handle it.

Q. They punished everybody with the pin placements because you had done so well the first two days.
MARTIN KAYMER: Unfortunately, the USGA listened to me yesterday at the press conference when I said -- or when I talked about that the USGA can put the pins in tough conditions and make the golf course very tough, and certainly they did. And so therefore, if you shoot anything around par, or 1- or 2-over par, it's a decent round.
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