Kelly Mitchum: Round Four Flash Interview

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Q. Do you, first of all, tell everybody, I played in the U.S. Open? What do you say exactly?
KELLY MITCHUM: Well, I can, because I played in the '95 Open at Shinnecock a long time ago, though. Tried to qualify here and didn't make it through the local stage, so it was a neat -- it was neat to go out and be able to play this morning, even though it was in a different circumstance than I would like for it to have been.

Q. Local knowledge is everything. Did you have any certain edge that got you through this round that a lot of people would love to have?
KELLY MITCHUM: Yeah, I know where to miss it and places where not to hit it. But even so, it doesn't take but a little bit of being off execution-wise and you put yourself in a position where you're going to make a bogey or double. So it was fun. I hit some good shots, I made a couple birdies, and I made a couple doubles too. But the crowd support, people yelling my name, I almost kind of felt a little bit bad.

Q. But it had to be nice, I mean, given that you really wanted to be in it. Do you still get the crowd reaction and all the stuff that goes with walking down the course?
KELLY MITCHUM: Yeah, I mean the crowd's super nice. If I hit a good shot, you know, they applauded me like I was in the field. A lot of people who know me are yelling out my name, and so it was good.

Q. Is it in any way bitter sweet? Do you feel like, oh, man, I wish I could have been in the field?
KELLY MITCHUM: Well, I told my wife last night, I'm like, this is a weird feeling, going out and playing a round in the U.S. Open and yet your score doesn't count. So it was strange. I played a lot of competition, so it was a different feeling. But it was good to see the golf course and see the way it played under these conditions. And I mean, the USGA has just done a marvelous job of setting it up. Our groundskeepers, our greenskeepers have just -- I mean it's in fabulous shape. It couldn't be much better. So that was fun to be able to see and experience that.

Q. As an observer, what do you expect today? What do you see going on coming into the final round?
KELLY MITCHUM: There's some birdies to be made out there. I mean, there is a low score out there today. There's some -- there's a lot of pins that you can get to today. Yesterday it looked really tough from what I saw. But a couple holes that are drivable, par-4s that are drivable, maybe not for me, but for some of the guys. So somebody could come and pose a 5- or 6-under today, I would say. It's out there.

Q. What do you remember about Shinnecock?
KELLY MITCHUM: Very difficult. Yeah, I was, I had just kind of gotten out of college a couple years before my first really big event. Being on that kind of a stage, I remember being very nervous. But it was a great experience.

Q. What did you do? How did you show there?
KELLY MITCHUM: I think I shot 76, 82, I think. Something like that. I'm trying to block out my second round.

Q. I understand. Can we ask you what you shot today?
KELLY MITCHUM: I shot 79 today.

Q. There are a few people out here who would take that?
KELLY MITCHUM: Yeah, sure. Sure.
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