Martin Kaymer: Round Four Television Interview

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Q. Well earned. How does it feel?
MARTIN KAYMER: Well, it's quite tough to put it into words right now, but the first five, six holes were very crucial for me to get off to a start well into the final round, not the way I did yesterday. And I was 1-under par after five holes, almost 2-under par, but I wasn't. So for me it was very important to stay five shots ahead, the way I started the day, that I stay five shots ahead going into the back nine. And that is what I did and so it was a very important birdie for me on 9. So overall, what should I say? Very happy.

Q. Are these the best four round of your life, considering what was at stake?
MARTIN KAYMER: Of my life? I mean, it's a big statement. But I would say it was probably the toughest day that I played golf today. Especially the first nine. Because if you have two or three Americans chasing you, playing in America, it's never easy being a foreigner. But I said at the ceremony as well, that the fans were very fair. But it was a tough one. If you lead by five shots, it's not easy. A lot of people think, well you have a little bit of a cushion, but if you approach that day in that way, with that attitude, it can be gone so quickly. For me the challenge was to keep going, to stay aggressive, make birdies, go for some flags, and don't hold back. And it's very difficult to do, because at some stage you get a little bit tight and you want to -- your body tells you, you know, you should take it easy. I over came that feeling, I stayed aggressive, and I played very brave. So I'm very proud of that.

Q. How important was it for you to have a caddie like Craig whom you've had so much experience with, now you've closed out your second Major.
MARTIN KAYMER: Yeah, Craig and me, we won a few tournaments together right now. He's a very calm person, very happy, very positive person and I told him today on the range, it's going to be a very brutal day, it's going to be very difficult, so I think that combination, me being fairly serious, him being a little bit more relaxed, that works out quite well for both of us.

Q. You won a Major a few years ago, get to World No. 1. Talk about how it must have been very frustrating there to get back to winning THE PLAYERS and now your second Major. How much do you relish this feeling to be back at the top?
MARTIN KAYMER: Well, you know, it shouldn't sound cocky or arrogant, but I knew it would come. I knew that I would play good golf again. There was enough belief there. I just didn't think it would take me that much time to get back where I was or actually not where I was, I think I play better golf now, I'm more of a complete player, it was just a matter of time. So it's not a huge surprise to me that I played good golf, it's just a surprise that I won such big tournaments. That's a surprise. But I'll take it. It's a good way.

Q. Just four other golfers in history have been world No. 1 and won two Majors before turning 30. Is it safe to say that you are now one of the bright young stars in the sport and can you speak to heightened expectations every time you tee off in the future?
MARTIN KAYMER: Yeah, it's very tough to compare yourself to those legends. When other people want to call me that, it's fine, but to win one Major is already very nice in your career, but to win two, it means a lot more. Some friends, they called me one hit wonder with the Majors, obviously in a funny way, and now I can go back and show them this one. So it's quite a big proof to yourself that you cannot only win ones, but you can win when it matters, you can win big tournaments.

Q. What was the key shot for you today?
MARTIN KAYMER: The key shot? I mean, that birdie on 13, that relaxed me a lot. That drivable par-4, hit into the green side bunker and made the up-and-down. That was a big relief. Because then I looked at the scoreboard and I was, I think I was seven ahead. I thought, okay, seven ahead, six to go, that's fine.

Q. You win THE PLAYERS on Mother's Day, the U.S. Open on Father's Day --
MARTIN KAYMER: Well, your Father's Day, our Father's Day was a couple weeks ago and I didn't get anything for my dad, so maybe that works out here.

Q. Have you heard from Bernhard Langer?
MARTIN KAYMER: Well, what I said we almost have the German Grand Slam, only the British Open is missing. So maybe he can win the seniors, I can win the regular one. It's just nice to have him there, always whenever I need him. We were texting a little bit the last three or four days, his wife, she was texting me last night, so they're very caring people and it's nice to have those people around you and to have such a big role model coming from your country that you can always reach out to.
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