Road to the U.S. Open

Each year, thousands of competitors set their sights on teeing it up in the U.S. Open and file and entry for the championship. They come from all walks of life and represent more than 75 countries. In 2016, their ultimate goal will be to make it to Oakmont (Pa.) Country Club and be a part of the record ninth U.S. Open to be contested on the legendary H.C. Fownes design.

The process of determining the 156-player field is a major undertaking, and is emblematic of the truly democratic nature in which the championship is contested. It starts with roughly 10,000 entrants, all of whom are either professional golfers or amateurs with a Handicap Index® not exceeding 1.4, and proceeds through local and then sectional qualifying. While there are exemptions from qualifying for players who have earned them, the vast majority of U.S. Open hopefuls will start their journey at the local qualifying stage.

The players who make it through qualifying will compete alongside the biggest names in golf, with millions of fans watching worldwide. The U.S. Open remains a championship that is truly open to anyone with the desire and the ability to play at the highest level.