Thousands Ready for Journey to LACC

By David Shefter, USGA

| Apr 13, 2023 | Liberty Corner, N.J.

Thousands Ready for Journey to LACC

Every year thousands of hopefuls file entries with the dream of qualifying for the U.S. Open Championship and playing alongside the game’s greatest players. A record 10,187 golfers signed up for this year’s championship at The Los Angeles (Calif.) Country Club. It’s just the second time entries surpassed 10,000. While 52 players are currently exempt (more will become so over the coming weeks) and another 500-plus get a free pass into final qualifying, the rest of the group is headed to one of 109 local qualifying sites, looking to catch lightning in a bottle.

That group includes a pair of ex-NFL players, Tony Romo and Danny Woodhead, the latter of whom advanced to final qualifying last year, as well as club champions, elite college and junior golfers, club professionals and fledgling pros who toil on a myriad of tours all looking for a couple of magical rounds to get that coveted tee time at LACC this June.

Over the next 4½ weeks, we’ll be following the narrative and bringing to life some of these great storylines.

Let the journey begin.